FMP Evaluation-4.1


My final major project came out well in the end. All my footage is clear and my audio quality is better than I expected it to be. All my scenes match up well and all fit together nicely.

First off I’m going to evaluate how my idea came into practice. I always wanted to do a comedy film with some silly bits. I set out from the start to film it at the beach and even after the set back of my first attempt I was determined to stick to the beach concept. When I went out to film with my friend I had a clear idea of what we was going to do. Every scene I did I had thought through thoroughly and all my ideas came out well and reflected confidently in my film.

I’m really happy all my footage is clear and none of it is blurry. However I knew this would never be a problem as my phone camera quality is very good. The only issue with my footage and this is down to my cameraman is that the camerawork is a bit wobbly in places. Obviously he was doing it free hand but in places it could of been more still. The worst scene for the jerky camera is the second bus scene but this is due to the fact we didn’t want to get the bus driver in shot so my cameraman panicked a bit and didn’t have the camera still. I did have a worry when exporting my final piece from avid onto YouTube as sometimes the quality settings aren’t correct but I made sure that all the quality settings were correct and when I exported all was good and my film came out very clear. Overall I am happy with the footage side of my film.

When it comes down to my audio I am very pleased with the final outcome of my audio. My first attempt at my final piece had some very bad audio problems. The wind was so bad and it was windy for the rest of that week. Luckily the day I picked to film my second attempt was not windy and the sound of my voice was clearly picked up. I decided to add some songs to my film to make it a bit more interesting as I found it boring just having the sound of the sea and my voice. The music I added was Benny hill on the moments when I was walking fast. I also added some music at the start and the occasional little piece of music during my film that matched up well with the video footage.


My final major project is called The lonely beach boy. It is about a boy who goes to the beach on his own and is lonely. He has a unusual picnic and throws some pebbles into the sea. He then falls over when throwing the pebbles and decides he’s had enough of the beach and heads home.

The five main strengths I would say feature in my production are: Footage quality, sound quality, location, editing and props. I was happy with my footage quality because its come out very clear. I knew by using my smartphone the quality would be good and a issue wouldn’t occur. The sound quality for my project came out very well. The wind wasn’t a issue as I thought it might be. The sound was recorded again using my smartphone. My location was perfect for the concept of my production. As far as beach locations go this was good as it was near a bus stop where I would film a short scene. The editing side of my project went really well. I completed all the editing on time and to the best of my ability. I was pleased with all the audio and the way my scenes were cut. I also added some music and sounds what made my project more interesting. The props I used were well suited to my film. I used some food, a rucksack and some beach towels. I also had a football but didn’t use it.

The five main weaknesses that occurred during my production are: Storyline, actors, shaky camera and public interference. The storyline was a issue at times as I had to think of some of my ideas as I went along as I was the actor and kept having different ideas pop up. When it came down to actors that was a problem at first as I didn’t have anyone to be my actor and that’s when I came up with the idea of me being the actor and having a film based on a lonely boy at the beach. In parts the camera was shaky especially on the second bus scene. This was down to my cameraman. I decided to leave the shaky bit in there as otherwise nothing would make sense. The public was a small problem. When it came down to the bus scenes I didn’t want to get too much of the public in as I hadn’t asked their permission. Also I told my cameraman to not get too much of the bus driver in without his permission. The public wasn’t too much of a issue on the beach as it was a cloudy day and there wasn’t many people down there. I also picked a spot on the beach what wasn’t too close to anymore people as I didn’t want them in shot.

I got my ideas from comedy shows and comedy people. The comedy shows I looked at was Only fools and horses and Mr bean. I looked at the episode Jolly boys outing in Only fools and horses as this was based along the lines of going to the beach and going on holiday. This gave me some good ideas for my project. For Mr Bean I looked more at the film Mr Beans holiday. Again this was down the lines of going to the beach and having a silly day at the beach. Both these programs and films gave me inspiration for my production.

I did some experimenting using my cameraman as where he would stand when filming me. We did some trial runs of him standing in different spots and after lots of experimenting I picked a perfect spot for my cameraman to stand. I also did some experimenting when doing the scenes at home. I had to find the perfect place and position to put my phone and after lots of attempted shots I found the perfect spot.

A similar type of film is the Only fools and horses episode the Jolly boys outing. The similarity between my production and The jolly boys outing is that there both a comedy and there both based on the beach and at a seaside town. Both my film and The jolly boys outing do have some differences. My film has one actor where as the other has lots of actors. Also mine is filmed all on the beach whereas the other is filmed partly on the beach but also elsewhere in the seaside resort.

My project developed into a basic idea of what I was going to do into a detailed and clear idea of what I wanted to achieve. The main area of development during filming was the storyline. It changed from being a family day at the beach to just one boy on his own at the beach. The reason for this big change is because when I originally shot my film using my family the wind was a major issue and also he acting wasn’t up to a good enough standard. So my idea then changed to me being the actor and changing the script to be for one person. Another change in development during filming was location. I was originally going to film at a beach near my nans but then I decided to film at a beach near my friends house. This change of location didn’t effect my original idea to my final piece but was something that got changed half way through.

My project proposal went very well. Something’s changed from the initial proposal to my final piece. For example I had originally planned to use my family as actors but in the end I was the actor. I also changed some of the storyline as when I did my proposal I was planning to use family so when I decided I was only having one actor I needed to change some of the storyline like my family having a argument at the beach. I didn’t manage to complete everything I set out to do as like I said I only ended up using one actor. Also some of the things I planned to do would not of worked in my location and I couldn’t take lots and lots of stuff on the bus. I was pleased with my initial proposal and feel the changes I made were for the best.

The client watched my video and gave me the following feedback. They said what I had produced was good however they said it wasn’t as well thought out or as funny as my past videos. They also said they felt it was a bit rushed. I understood the point it isn’t that funny but it wasn’t meant to be that funny it was more meant to be silly. I don’t agree with it was rushed as I spent a lot of time planning it out and thinking through my idea and concept. The feedback I got made me feel good as it was constructive feedback but then point of it being rushed made me feel disappointed.

When it comes to improving my final piece, I would like to make it funnier and also next time I would use a camera stand to make the camera still. To make it funnier I would have to spend longer thinking of ideas and research more into comedy to help me. To solve the shaky camera I would defiantly invest in something like a tripod or something to keep my phone still. I feel this would improve the look of my film and make it more professional.

My client went through the brief I had produced. The brief in this instance was the project proposal and I presented this to my client. The client then went through everything in my production pack and made sure they was happy with what I set out to do. The project proposal to my client included a location Reece, script and storyboard. Once the client was happy with the brief I had produced I could then go off and film. What I produced answers most of the things on my brief however some things were changed at a later date.

When I did my project proposal to my client I felt confident about my idea and was looking forward to pitching it to them. I was nervous but I made sure I was organised and had all the necessary paperwork for the pitch. It went well the pitch. The client liked my idea but did have a area of concern and that was the ability of my actors. This is something that did become a issue but I rectified it. The pitch went better than I thought and I got more constructive feedback than I thought I would. Next time I would improve on my idea before going into the pitch. I didn’t have a clear final idea and was a bit stuck on ideas. Also next time I would do a better, clearer storyboard as this is something I feel is very important when pitching to a client.

As a whole I feel my project went better than expected. I was a bit worried at the beginning as I feared the weather wouldn’t be on my side and the acting wouldn’t be good enough. Sadly this was the case for my first video but then I picked myself back up and went and changed my idea of a family day at the beach and made it into a Lonely beach boy. This change actually benefited me as my final video of the Lonely beach boy I feel came out better than my first idea. I also felt it was better as I added some music when I edited it as this was something I didn’t plan to do at first. Also when editing it I sped up some of the footage and added Benny Hill music. This is something I’m really pleased with and was a last minute idea.

Next time I would focus mainly on improving the equipment I use. Although the audio and video quality is good in this I would like to use some more professional equipment such as a zoom microphone and a proper camera with a tripod. I feel using proper equipment will make my videos look much more professional and having a still camera is a good start to a good production. The reason next time I would use a zoom microphone is because I would like to be able to have the freedom of filming in all conditions no matter how strong the wind and with a zoom microphone I could do this using a dead cat. If I was to use a professional DLSR camera I would defiantly use a tripod as I would like all my footage to be still and for my pans to be perfectly smooth.

Evaluation on Final major project final video.

When I got my feedback for my film I was told some key areas needed improving in order to boost my grade and for my film to reflect my good work in class. The main area was making it funny using the Benny Hill music and also to have some of my scenes retrace themselves to make it funny and silly. I was also told it would be better if my film was more like 1 or 2 minutes rather than 4 and a half. So after listening to all this feedback I decided to re edit my production taking all this feedback into account. My final video is seen below and I have taken my time in adding some music that fits into my theme and that suits my footage. I decided to shorten my film as I felt this would keep the viewers more interesting and also I find the shorter a comedy the funnier. I also used the motion effect tool on avid to make my rubbish scene and towel scene rewind on itself and then go forward again. This fits in well with the Benny Hill music. I am pleased with the effect I’ve created here and the music is key to making it funny. I still decided to keep my picnic scene in but again I added music and sped it up on avid to make it more interesting and funny. I feel the use of the Benny Hill theme song really fits in well with my footage and was the perfect song choice. Overall I am happy with my final piece and even with the setbacks I managed to produce a final piece I’m proud of.

Presentation in class-

I presented my final major project video to my class mates. I got some mixed feedback from my peers and teachers. One member of my class said my audio could be improved as my voice is quiet in places. My teacher felt that the music I included could of been made longer to make the video more interesting throughout. The positive comments is that it was funny and people liked the comment about the rubbish. The feedback I received was constructive and of high praise and I felt this feedback helped me in getting a understanding of the video I have produced.


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FMP Evaluation-4.1

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